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A leaf from Trace

I have taken a leaf from Trace’s book and one up’d her, I have 2 other blogs!

You will find me under the fitness blogs to the left side >

And also in the Ado*tion blogs also to the left >

I’m letting you know of these because I’m feeling a little lonely over there to the left, especially for the ado*tion blog. So if you feel like a nose about, go for it, love to see you there sometime soon, maybe …..


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So much better

Well my worries about my fur babies were unfounded, not that its not true that Miss Becky knows my every move when trying to slink away to bed but they haven’t cried or anything at the door. I think mentally it was harder on me and not them. The bed feels so much better, minus the sand and dirt, and I am able to roll over without struggling for room, 2 dogs on the bed and a cat can to that to you. D still can’t believe that he came home on Thursday night and the dogs were locked out of the bedroom. I don’t know if I can explain it properly but I know that we love out dogs and so do many people, but who in their right mind would go as far as sleeping in dirt for their dogs? every night? for no other reason except that its there? No because they are sick or injured and lying in the yard and unable to move so you sleep with them (not that has ever happenedhere) but you get my drift. So I still love my dogs to pieces but there are going to have to be things that I draw the line at from now on.  

So Monday is drawing closer and we have our second day of Ado*tion Training. I am so going to be in trouble for not completing the homework. But there are just stuff there that I don’t understand or even know if we were meant to do it and now of course its Saturday, I could have called DHS all week to find out if we were meant to complete it all but NOOOOOOOO not me. Darn it. I suppose its not like they are going to inspect our folders like we are in primary school …………………… are they?

I have ordered my new fertility necklace so hope that this will do us the trick in the near future but I really do not hold out any hope on that front. I think that the game is over for bio babes until at least 6 months of savings and ICSI comes back into the picture.  

Note – * is because we can not in this country do both and don’t want it tracked to me that we are indeed doing both bio and ado*tion

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That’s right they are circling me, my every move. Or they could just need to pee! We are getting our fence replaced next Thursday but today I swear I saw my Master Humphrey returning from the neighbours house so have had to lock my poor babes in our small pergola to that they can’t get through the fence in fear that they will hurt the dogs next door. I have called the neighbours to ask that they check the opening on their side as D isn’t home until after 1.30am but because its dark I can’t tell if they have done anything so have kept them locked in. Poor Miss Molly has never had to pee in the pergola before so don’t know if she is just hanging on.

However any false move from myself and Miss Becky is on my tail trying to follow me into the bedroom. I think I will cry myself to sleep tonight along with my fur babies. As we speak they have followed me from the lounge down to the computer room and are laying around my feet, just in case I make a break for it to the bedroom. I don’t know who it will be harder for tonight, the fur babies or ME. 

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I have decided after changing the sheets again that my puppies will not be allowed to sleep on the bed or in the bedroom any more. You see we don’t really have any grass in the backyard or little anyways and it is now nearly winter here in Oz so you can imagine the mud that is generated by 3 dogs. Well 2 really as Miss Becky doesn’t really go outside that much with Miss Molly and Master Humphrey. But my dilemmais that I always let the fur babies in the bedroom and of course they are always on the bed with me. Now since we have recently pulled down our above ground pool there is sand in the mix now. I could just about fill bags and sell them on the side of the road with the dirt/sand I sweep up everyday, not to mention the sand from OUR BED. Which brings me to my point. Am I doing the right thing? Mentally I know that I am, why would I sleep in dirt? Why does that make sense to do, I would think others were crazy if they told me that’s what they did. But I feel soo guilty, I haven’t even gone and done 1 night yet but I can see that they are looking at me with those eyes, they know what I’m up to. Normally when I have locked them out before, I have D here to keep them occupied while I sneak into the room via our toilet and ensuite but with him working nights I can’t do that. I know that he will be really appreciative of the dogs not on the bed when he comes home after working all night, not having to ‘sweep’ the bed before jumping in.

I also think about DHS coming by to do our assessment for adoption and seeing that these crazy people live in filth, by choice.

So what do you think? Am I crazy? Would you do the same to your fur babies? Any idea’s for my yard to stop this dirt tracking in?

Oh and D just called to let me know that his friend, also D, is coming over on Saturday morning to finish off my wall, so now if I can just get him to paint my house as well…………………………….. oh and I’m buying floor tiles to change up the kitchen, entry, dining and wet area’s but I am buying them second hand as I can get the amount I need for the job (guy had let overs) at a third of the cost but the are on the other side of the city, but D’s friend has volunteered to go with him to pick them up in his ute., so now I don’t need to borrow mum’s car and trailer. How good is that?

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I’m currently having 2 weeks off to do my adoption training although that may only take 2 days but thought what a great opportunity to have some quite time at home with D working evenings.

So what do I want to do – well about 6 months ago a friend of D’s came over and helped us with plastering up a wall, the problem being is that he hasn’t been back to complete the job. This now brings me to the point of the finishing. How hard can it be? Surely as long as I have directions from the finishing plaster box and the internet I can’t go wrong?

I also want to repaint the interior of the house. Again, I’ve done this before, except the last time I painted I decided to go along with the trend and paint EVERY DAM WALL IN THE HOUSE WITH SUEDE EFFECT, was lovely when first done, everyone complimented me on the job we did. Now that I want to change it, its not that easy, hence why it has taken me so long. We had started to sand down the walls, that’s right people, you need to sand it first. Those wonderful people at Dulux didn’t think that far ahead! So I have been researching on the internet at the Renovator’s Forum and think I have now found a solution and am willing to give it a go.

So, now to just get it started. I will be running off to Bunnings this morning or even just the local Paint Spot to find out about this so called Dulux Ultrasmooth and also find out how much this magic stuff costs. Or I probably should also get some extra tips before starting/finishing the plastering. If anyone has any tips, feel free to comment and let me know the easiest way. 

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I came across a blog today from just looking around the adoption and IVF blogs and came across a family that could really use some help in raising funds for an adoption of a sweet little boy that may medical issues, if everyone could just donate a $1 towards this family and pass on the blog so that others to can see it, it would probably make a world of difference not only for him but his whole adoptive family.

Adopting William

On to other things. We have started taking our vitamins and praying for a miracle. D has started having a strange reaction to his vitamins, in the bowel area (if you know what I mean 🙂 ) I on the other hand are fine, maybe its the Zinc? I think what we will end up doing in relation to the IVF is to just start saving weekly for 6 months and then we will have enough for the private clinic. In the mean time we will continue to take the vitamins and hopefully, fingers crossed, the doctor thinks that this could make the world of difference to D’s semen sample. If this is the case we are hoping that within 6 months we could be pregnant without the IVF, going by what the doctor was thinking, he was very confident that this would fix all our problems, me I’m not so sure. We have tried many things over out journey and vitamin, herbal supplements and acupuncture, with no results so how he thinks this vitamins will do the trick I do not know but willing to give it a go, that also means that I will have to work out a way to be ‘in the mood’ allot more and that will be something new and will give our relationship a boost, altough we seemed to be going along fine without it. I’m sure D won’t mind at all and imagine if it does work and we have been saving for 6 months, $5500 saved to do with what we want! Fabulous I say.

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Friday! Yay holidays

I am on the home stretch, today is Friday and as of 5pm, I will be on leave for 2 weeks. YAY. I won’t be going away or anything but we do have the Infant Adoption Training for the next 2 Mondays, in between I will layz around, sleep in, exercise, have our back fence replaced and my hot water system repaired (thought it was time when by electricity bill arrived and my hotwater usage was more than the rest of the house!). My great niece Miss K and nephew Master D are down for a week so will visit with them which will be nice since I haven’t seen them in about 4 weeks.

D is still doing night shift at the moment and its wearing thin on me, I really only get to see him if I wake him in the morning to drive me to the station, which then causes him to have a broken sleep but if I don’t then I only get to talk to him on the phone when I call him to get him up for work. I think I’m being selfish doing that but I want to see him at least once a day. He has been getting home at about 1am and gets into bed at about 3am, I’m up out of bed at 6am! Next 2 weeks will be different though and I think he will also benefit from sleeping longr without interuptions.

Oh, and I am still spotting, just slightly now but COME ON! This has got to stop.

Here is some pictures of baby Hunter that my friend Cathy just had, he really is a cutie, that reminds me that I will have plenty of time for visiting Cathy over the next 2 weeks and also Linda with adopted daughter Olivia.


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