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Nothing new

So I have nothing new on the baby front. My Man has started afternoon shift so hardly see him except for when I get him up in the morning to drive me to the station.

Now just waiting for my doctor’s appointment. Was speaking with my pregnant friend Cathy last night and discussing the doctor’s appointment and we got on to her doctor Kate. You see Cathy had seen her same doctor for 4 years and only had 1 pregnancy that unfortunately miscarried. She had been asking for tests to be done but that doctor just fobbed her off. After her miscarriage she asked her OB to run a test to see if he has PCOS, he ran through the symptoms with her and she had none, they did the test anyway. Well bugger me dead, it came back positive for PCOS. As her doctor had quit her the hospital that she went to, she tried new doctor Kate. She joined a Big Girls Club ran through the hospital for infertility, lost a small amount of weight, went through her first cycle under Kate and BAM. Preggo. Doctor Kate just says it luck bit we know its more than that. Apparently Kate has allot of LUCK as she has the most pregnant women at her reception desk on any given day. Now you would think that my decision was easy wouldn’t you but no. You see this was the first hospital I ever had treatment at and it left a really sour taste. I then moved on and saw my Doc Mac at 2 different hospitals but after 18 years, maybe it is time to try someone else. My theory is to see them both and check what they both have to say about my treatment and then make a decision. I don’t know it’s still so confusing.


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