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A sad day

Yesterday we were to pick up our new family member, it all seemed to be going fine until a phone call an hour before picking her up. I won’t go into all of the details but there were a lot of ups and downs yesterday, allot of tears shed and then joy but ultimately disappointment. I will tell you I will never return back to that shelter/hospital ever again and I am down on said family member. I don’t know if she was promised to another family but there were a lot of excuses when we arrived which resulted in use leaving empty handed. My Man has decided that he will get a pup instead when there is one available and we will get a boy instead. We have photo’s being sent today of a 14week old boy so he may become our newest family member.

We have our second DHS Permanent Care training today, not really looking forward to it, it goes from 9am – 4pm, I think if they were more organised and spoke faster it would cut it down by half. Now I don’t mean speed talk but just at a normal rate would be great. Since there were only 4 couples I’m sure if we missed something we could ask but they are so slow, just like the process. Now remember this is probably taking longer than I would like because it is a ways to a means. The same DHS department does our assessment for permanent care as for adoption however our training for adoption isn’t until May, so by going through this painful training we will get into the queue for assessment faster and hopefully by the time May comes around we will already being assess as apposed to the long queue after the adoption training were I am sure there will be more than 4 couples. Cheeky I know but I ain’t getting any younger here. It took my girlfriend 2 years to get through from training to being finally approved. I even took a HPT to see if I was pregnant this morning just encase I didn’t have to go but no luck!

My back is killing me already today and its only 6.30am, imagine the pain I could be in by 4pm today. I don’t know if I have mentioned that this week I was told by my x-rays of my hips I have Osteoarthritis, it is really giving the shits.


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What a night

OMG, I thought last night would not end. My poor dogs have kennel cough and it seems to go from bad to worse and then back again. I have been dosing them up with the Benedryl like I have been told but last light Molly kept on spitting it out so I had to try her a few times. In doing this I think I may have overdosed her as she was vomiting all night. Poor baby, I couldn’t let her be like that by herself so I was up half the night, got a little sleep when she seemed to settle but then she would start again. She is eating again this morning and doesn’t appear to be vomiting, but I will keep an eye on her today. My poor dogs only got this as we are spoilt selfish people that are never happy with what we have and have to have more. If we hadn’t decided to take on a new dog when we really didn’t need to, they wouldn’t have had contact with the clinic. But the thought of not having her come into our home, being left at the shelter, I just can’t leave her there.

On a bright note, my emp has been rising, don’t know if it is just because I have been sleep deprived or what but I can dream a little.

My niece Mandy still has not had her little boy, the doctors have told her if she hasn’t had her baby by 3rd March (which was her orginal due date) that they will have to bring the baby along.

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From bad to worse

So after yesterdays goings on, I really just needed some loving from my puppies when I got home, all was well and I over spoilt them I’m sure but this morning I have woken with my Molly couching. When we took her in to meet her new sister a week ago, her new sis had started couching. The shelter said, don’t worry we give them a vaccination when they come in its probably the reaction from that, it coincides with the dates. But nope it appears that she does have kennel cough and I’m thinking Molly does to now! So will start her on Benadryl today and see how she fairs on that, but its a catch 22 with the new bub as the longer she stays there the longer she will probably have kennel cough will all those other strays but I don’t want her to come home and give it to not only my babies but the neighbours dogs as well as it is highly contagious. Considering Molly and Becky were only there for about an hour last Sunday.

Anywho, any names for me guys for our new addition?

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I just received a call from the shelter to let us know that we can have our new pooch 🙂

Poor Jackson isn’t going to make it, I’m waiting for mum to come over and I will be taking her to the hospital to say her last good bye’s. Unfortunately he will never have use of his back legs and as his front one will not be able to support him due to the elbow its all bad news for him. Mum is devastated as you would imagine but I don’t know how much use I will be for her as I feel like a mess myself.

My niece Mandy has been to the hospital and no movement as yet! Its funny as she is due to go back to work on the 2nd of March as she was only taking 6 weeks off as she is only casual and if takes any longer she has to re apply for her job.

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A Little Sad Today

I have just found out that we may not end up adopting new puppy as her breed is not great with cats. Its one thing for dogs to like to chase cats but when the breed not only likes to chase but EAT, that’s another matter completely. The have temperament tested her but as shelter advises, its hard because the cats that she walks past are in cages and do not move, what will happen when she see’s one that is not in a cage and that runs? We are still to find out if we are indeed the lucky parents.

Also things arn’t so great for mum’s dog Jackson. After being hit by that car 2 weeks ago, its like he has been hit again but this time by the vets! He was taken to our large animal hospital here in Melbourne and was referred to another clinic for the MRI and spinal cord operations as the hospital could not proform this. At the same time the referral clinic pinned his elbow as it was dislocated and had been for a week because he was too sick for the hospital to put under. That was a week ago. His elbow is now infected and the hospital will not deal with it as they didn’t do the operation. However they did bring him back to ICU at their hospital and have been doing physio and turning him as he can not get up by himself. So after a turmatic day for mum and dad, he was sent back to the other clinic to find that one of the pins had broken?? The operating clinic can not understand this as Jackson is bed bound, in his cage and can not walk anyway, how can this be? It now appears that there is allot of ligament damage that may not heal. Which means that he may lose his front leg, its a problem as he still hasn’t gotten use of his back legs yet. Mum and dad don’t want to say good bye to him as other than this legs not working, he is awake, alert and knows them, he crys when mum leaves him, for all intense purposes, he is Jackson. Now I have been made the person to call the vets as mum and dad just end up crying and can not ask the questions required or remember what the vet as said and they hear the words ‘its time to start to think what is best for the dog’. The had paid the operating clinic $4500 to do his orginal operation and they are now telling them that they will refund half the money but I don’t know if that is on the condition that he is put to sleep or not. Mum and dad want to give him another 4 weeks to see how he goes. He is being filmed for a doco here in Melbourne on the animal hospital and I think this is why the clinic wants to help so much, either way I am more than happy to use that if it means Jackson comes home healthy.

In actual ‘baby’ news, there is none at the moment, will have to call my niece today to find out what happened at the hospital yesterday, she is going to overcook that bub. I am now at 4DPO and just waiting, nothing else I can do I guess. Went to the permanent care training last night and ended up that person in the crowd that everyone things they know. It was really frustrating because we had to speak with people we didn’t know and because everyone thought they knew me, I was the one getting into trouble because they were talking only about me. In the end, I just sat and watched and didn’t talk at all, nect time I think I will sit in the corner behind a plant.

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Talk about comfy

So I noticed that Amy over on Somewhat Ordinary has found out that baby boys like to be comfy in their somewhat squishy home. My niece Mandy’s ticker at the top of this blog has started to count UP. That’s right UP. Her little boy is so comfortable that he has decided to make her tummy his permanent home! She did notice over the past week that her mucus plug was starting to come away but she had to go to the hospital on the week end due to pains and found that although he is ‘engaged’, she hasn’t dilated at all. The doctor had made an appointment for her last time for the 21st but didn’t think that she would make it but low and behold, he’s still holding her hostage. We see what happens today though.

I have also noticed on a few blogs about wedding anniversaries in this month and have a funny story. Well not really a story but it goes along with my answers to my tag about making up ones mind and adopting a new animal when depressed about babies. You see my mum’s dog, Jackson got hit by a car the other day, 2 weeks ago today and he is fortunately after allot of care at the animal hospital, spinal cord operation, and physio, is getting better. However I went in with mum to see him last Saturday, I then heard someone say ‘puppy adoption?’, well of course that meant, follow that man, and off I went. I then saw our new baby……………………. this is her the first day I met her and she just wanted to play with me, that’s mum’s feet int he picture, (she has been visiting her daily when she goes in to see her own dog, she’s a good grandmother) She is an Alaskan Malamute, about 18 months old, white and silver in colorings. This is the picture that the hospital put on the Alaskan Malamute web page as ‘found’ and no one has come for her, how does that happen. She has already been desexed but the owner hasn’t micro-chipped her!
She is just so sweet. Anyway, back to my story. I was a little unsure yesterday if we should indeed adopt her, I know that it is because of the baby thing, which is never a good reason to adopt a dog so shoot me, and I have also found out that she my not like my cats, this is a huge worry and the reason for my indecision. While I was wrestling over the answer with my husband, he really wants her and thinks ‘we can deal with it when/if we need to’ when we received a txt message from his mum.


we had forgotten that it was our 15 wedding anniversary! So it appears that we share our anniversary with Vanessa at Back in the Saddle Again. As for the dog, well they are going to try and do a temperament test on her with cats to see how she will go. We are due to pick her up on Saturday morning, we still can not decide on a name for her, hubby wants something like Nanook which means ‘wolf’ but there are millions named that and I would like Misty or Bella. It’s easier to call and goes well with our other girls Becky and Molly. Let me know what you think about names, maybe you can think of something really different for me.

I also had to go for an X-ray yesterday and the tech asked if I was pregnant. I said I didn’t know and he wanted a firm answer so lowered my head an said no, even though I may have just conceived, it is more than likely not successful but didn’t want to tell myself that already! Hopefully I will have some results for the X-ray soon and it better be worth the deflated ego.

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So the lovely Vanessa of ‘Back in the Saddle’ tagged me! So the rules are as follows:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
  4. Tag at least 3 people at the end of your post and link to their blogs
  5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
  6. Let the fun begin …………………………
  1. I am a terrible passenger in the car, I fear everything like driving in the rain, trucks on freeways, hills (sometimes I have turned around because I couldn’t go down the hill) and winding roads. If I thought about it more I would have more for you.
  2. I am really anti-social. I hate having people come over, even if my closest friends. I fear that people are judging me by my home or the things in it.
  3. I can’t ever make up my mind on issues. Some I think that I am strong on but others, boy it takes me forever to decide, sometimes I need others to make the decision for me.
  4. I try to take on everyone else’s problems as my own and end up getting stressed out about the problem/situation and its not even mine!
  5. I can’t have my mum drive me anywhere. When ever we go out, even in her car, I drive.
  6. When I get depressed about not having kids, I buy/adopt a new animal – watch my next post people!

Now to tag someone, mmmmmmmmmmmm, sorry if you have already been tagged
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