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No Go Clomid

So I went to see the new doctor yesterday who advised ‘No Point Trying Clomid’, since I ovulation already, it would just be a waste of time and money, just like that appointment! Although he did reassure me that I am not that bad in egg quality as he would expect someone of 39 to have a level of progesterone somewhere in the low 30’s, mine was 39.2 so really good. He also advised not to worry about my length of period as I was worried it was getting shorter, he advised to worry when it gets longer not shorter.

So the answer, just keep doing what we are doing, its the next best thing to IUI or IVF.

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Starting to temp again

So I had to think about whether I would temp this cycle as I don’t think I will inseminate this time around. It seems that my ovulation would be close to Christmas day and that would make it hard to do this time. So the thought of temping this month, I was thinking firstly, wow I’ll be able to sleep in a bit more and not worry about it but as my last 2 cycles have been a bit crazy it would probably do me good to temp to work out what will happen with ovulation this time. It will be interesting to see if the pressure of insemination’s do effect me. I have my new doctors appointment on Monday afternoon (Sunday/Monday morning to you guys in blog land since you are at least 12 hours behind me), so will see if he will give me Clomid. I also think I do need to do something about my weight as it has started to creep back up. I weighed myself this morning and remember I have already had 2 cups of coffee and I weight 89 kilo’s. That’s just not fair, last I weighed in only about 2 weeks ago as 85.2 kilo’s. So will have to do something about that to, at least it should help our chances of conceiving.

I received the information for our Infant Adoption training, we have to wait until 5th and 12th of May 2008 to complete our training before even starting any of the paper work to get the ball rolling. Keep in mind that even from starting the paper work it can take up to 12 months to be approved to adopt. One of my friends started her journey to adopt in January 2005, she was approved November 22 2007, that’s a long time to get approved and now she is waiting to hear from the stork and God knows how long that will take until a birth mother likes her.

Here in Australia you have to be in the healthy BMI range to be even considered, I best get my butt moving as I am at about 30.7 BMI, not in the healthy range. I have started to consider Permanent Care again, apparently you can choose the age, sex and details of what child you would accept so I will be going for someone under at least 3-4 years of age I think. Well will see, I have emailed DHS again about it.

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Unfortunate incident

I thought long and hard about telling you about my unfortunate incident as its a bit embarrassing, it involves an instead cup and spillage …………….. need I say more??? Lucky it wasn’t our precious sperm but thought since it is that time of the month, why not use a cup for its intended purpose. It seemed to be working for about 4 hours. They it seemed that my body produced a red fire hose as when I went to remove it, well that was mmmmmmmmmessy.

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I’m back

Sorry I’ve not posted for the past couple of days, I know its unusual for me. I received the results of my progesterone which was 39.6 which showed I did ovulate which is good but still there is no answers. I asked if the doctor thought Clomid might do me some good and she actually agreed. The only problem is that the GP can’t prescribe it, I have to go to a gyno, she gave me a referral and they faxed it to the hospital but then I have to wait for an appointment! Bugger that so I went through the yellow pages online and found a clinic in the city that is in the same street that I work in , or will work in once we change buildings, for the 24th December, which is the first day that we are in the new building! This doctor is a GP but also specialises in fertility and can prescribe Clomid. I think that it was meant to be, how perfect.

My temp did a dramatic nose dive this morning so thinking AF will be here tomorrow, great, I have to work tomorrow and then I have my niece’s grade 6 graduation and her sister who stayed the other weekend will be staying again this weekend, so no sitting at home sulking 😦

I’m thinking as my next cycle draws near I may not inseminate for a month as it would be around New Years Eve and New Years Day, I think that it might be a bit tricky for our donor to visit us around this time, remembering he isn’t telling anyone that he is our donor, not even his girlfriend.

Michell I received the pressie you sent and I must say I was surprised by what you had put in that bag. I should say pleasantly surprised 🙂 That’s allot of cups girl, and I was just looking to buy some ovulation tests today on eBay, lucky I didn’t. Thank you so much for her generosity.

My niece Mandy, who’s little ticker is to the side has found she has protein in her urine, high blood pressure and swelling, some of the signs of getting preeclampsia so that great niece or nephew may be here earlier than expected. She has had about 3 trips to the hospital with bad pains but so far so good but if the symptoms keep coming she may just deliver early.

My friend Cathy is still going strong and in fact at her last ultrasound told her that her baby is ahead by a week. Cathy conceived this little miracle after going through about 8 years of IVF, originally it was thought that she would have to use donor sperm as her husband has Klinefelter’s Syndrome but after talking to her about testicular biopsy’s she changed doctors and they extracted her husbands sperm. 1 m/c later and they are over half way there to their dream of having a family.

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