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Well life just got a bit easier for our KD, he was fired from his job yesterday! Poor boy can not take a trick. However as I have been laid off with a wrist injury it is easier for him to come on over without having to explain why he is here everyday. But the bad part of that is that My Man is at work and didn’t get to help me today. It was really hard doing it myself as I haven’t had to draw it into the syringe before as I couldn’t even bring myself to look at it before, but to have to draw it up, My God this had better work. I almost threw up in the ensuite just looking at it let alone being able to smell it. It is almost making me vomit just thinking about it right now.

So again I had a fairly light + OPK this morning but will wait until tomorrow to retest. But so far we are on target for a good chance I would think. Surely we can’t miss the target egg with all of this semen around.


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1st done and dusted

Well I have just updated the chart on the previous post as at about 10.30am we got a txt from Target to advise he was on his way. I almost shit my pants. I didn’t know what or when or who or whatever! I ran around like a nut, My Man was asking me about something else but I couldn’t get my mind off what had just been sent. Holy Shit this is about to happen, how can he talk about this when we know he’s on his way! SHIT! I did the coward thing and left until his part of the deed was done, by the time I got back, My Man had it in his pocket and our Target was still here, he thought it was funny that I ran like a scared rabbit. So they talked for a bit longer and once he left it was time. I couldn’t look at it, I felt sick with anticipation I guess. I got My Man to draw it into the syringe, but he was too scared to put it in, I guess he was scared that he would hurt me, how sweet. He came back into the room, as you already know I don’t like being naked and seen, he sat at the business end of the bed to talk! I’m like, don’t sit down THERE. My Man, said, can I get you something, a drink, something to read……………. I actually wanted my mobile but I said no and he ended up leaving the room to go on building my lizard come coffee table enclosure. I guess he didn’t know what to do with himself either. I felt stupid just laying there with my butt up in the air so got up and got dressed, but I then felt the fluid running and so thought I had better lay back down. So here I am now, filling you all in, he will be back tomorrow night for another deposit.

I know that I’m early with the insemination’s but don’t want to find that I’m not pregnant and then wonder if I should have started sooner or if we did enough days, so covering all of our basis. My cycle is normally about 28-29 days and I ovulate between CD12-CD14.

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All of this waiting

All of this waiting is getting on my nerves. Yesterday I had cramps like I was ovulating yet the OPK’s are showing up negative, even today, so I have no idea anymore. I must admit it feels like I have no fertile mucus, originally I thought I had the fertile mucus back on CD8, but that surely can not be so I changed it on my chart. I have been using the OPK’s since CD8 so know I haven’t missed it but all of this waiting has been thinking I don’t know anything anymore. I have been trying to drink plenty of water to help increase the mucus but am finding it a difficult challenge.

This morning I had quite a large dip so thought that I would possibly get a faint positive on the OPK but no. Am going to have Target come over today to give first of 3-4 samples so at least I won’t miss the boat even if I am early with starting, would rather have those little suckers up there waiting then miss it all together. Oh also had to answer the question KD = known donor so you were right.

Last night we took a drive down to Kmart to get some Coke but came up empty handed, probably because it has been so warm everyone wanted it. The funny thing was that everywhere we turned there was a obviously pregnant person. We didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. But I am taking it as a good sign that everyone was pregnant, maybe I will also be pregnant real soon?????

Went and had the Brazilian done yesterday, I forgot how much that bugger hurt! I will continue to get them done but not wait such a long time between treatments so the fluff is finer for the pulling out of the roots. I also forgot that after the treatment that when you pee its like a sprinkler system, its a real act to be able to pee in a container and catch it when its like that. My new bub better appreciate the pain that I am going through to help get them here.

Thought I would throw in another of my mental attacks in relation to Brazilians, I don’t like to see my naked cha-cha and so don’t like My Man seeing it naked either. I do feel that I have a fat cha-cha, (that’s compared to those seen in porno’s but they are all very skinny girls with fake boobies too) and I have always felt that a guy having intercourse with a naked cha-cha is like having intercourse with a 8 year old, that makes me feel completely yuk, but that’s my head and I know that I am being so irrational. That would put every male known to man or every woman (counting same sex relationships) as pedophiles and I know that its not fair to do that, its just my mental head. You know, ‘a good girl wouldn’t do that’ syndrome. But here I am, a good girl with a naked cha-cha!

Told you I was going to have to edit this blog eventually but I guess this is me, black and white, no matter who it offends, I am who I am.

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Hi all, I have been thinking about what I have posted over the last few days and am starting to think that I have been sending mixed messages. So thought I should clarify some things before I lose some of my readers and commenter’s.

1) I am a good girl gone bad
2) I do not take offence easily
3) I do own a vibrator
4) I can turn into a prude very quickly
5) Hence why I don’t even look at the vibrator
6) My Man would be more than happy to help with/without vibrator but I’m too embarrassed
7) Which takes me back to the good girl
8) When I have a touchy subject to approach like asking My Man about using his friend for KD I had to do it lying on our bed in the dark and then nearly couldn’t say it
9) I have thought about going out on the town whilst in my most fertile time and just picking someone
10) I have thought of using someone as KD for many years but didn’t want to say it out loud

So I hope that I have dispelled some area’s that were grey to being black and white now. It’s really funny that even though I know no one knows who I am, I can find it difficult to express everything that I feel which is why I started this blog in the first place. However I do think at times I digress and I wanted this to show my eventual offspring how he/she was conceived, now think I will have to eventually edit out parts although it will show me, as I am and surely that is not a bad thing for my child to see, warts and all.

I hope Trace and Michell this lets you both into my world and to know that you have in no way offended me or that your comments have been out of place.

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Thanks for the comment

Thanks Trace for your handy hint but my other self comes out with the prudishness, how could anyone even think I own one of those, don’t only dirty girls own them, even though you know I do. But he only ever comes out when I’m alone, must admit not very often, he his hidden in my drawers and I don’t even like to look at it. So I think it will have to just be me, My Man and stimulation to get them suckers up.

Thanks again and hope that you didn’t take offence to the ‘dirty girl’ sentence as I must also be one since I own it too.

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I know its silly but today I pee’d on a stick cos I have noticed that on FF some ladies start early so thought, what the heck, I’ll start today and see how I go. Of course it was negative but at least I will be able to line them up to make sure I have the right day. I guess also because we are using fresh sperm it won’t be so definite that we must make sure its the right day, just as long as those little suckers are up there before D day. Now I know that everyone states that its better to have an orgasm after inseminating but I was feeling a bit funny about that so thought that I may just have to have a Brazilian done as I am much more sensitive after having one of those and it would be easier to be aroused therefore orgasm will be done and dusted fast. Don’t you like my way of thinking.

I guess some of you would be thinking, WTF? but you see its from the way I was brought up, being told that sex was dirty, heaven forbid you actually enjoy it. I’m one of those who can’t let go, unless I’m drunk, you won’t get a peep out of me. So to think about actually enjoying a sensation when it is not My Man’s semen in me, just feels wrong. I have talked to My Man about this and he understands in a way, but I guess I think of the sensation with My Man should be private and I think using some else’s semen should be more clinical. It seems weird even as I type it but thats just how I feel.

Any how, now that I have gotten that off my chest, think I might go and enjoy My man right NOW ;O

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CD5 and counting

Well we are now at CD5, getting even more nervous, not only for the what if’s but I’m worried out Target may not be reliable. I really don’t know this for sure but he has been going to come up for the past few days just to visit and he hasn’t turned up yet, he does call to tell us but I wonder when it gets to my most fertile days will he find a reason not to come here? I know that he is taking this all very serious but after getting your hopes up I just don’t want them crashing down around me and missing the opportunity when it arrives.

Trace – I think you asked if we were related to Targets father, this is a no, but he is a nice guy, actually so is his mother, and he had just called around to drop off a guard (car part) for My Man’s work mate.

Its funny as I put a deposit on some new pets on the weekend, wouldn’t call them fur babies as they have no fur, have put a deposit on a pair of painted dragons and had decided that I wanted to have a glass coffee table come enclosure for them, they are tiny little things, 65mm at adult. Anyway, My Man said, “glass table will have sharp edges and with kids running around??” and I said “we don’t have kids” his reply “we will have”, so hows more excited then about going through this procedure????

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